Prep Update

Today I am only three weeks out from my first NPC competition. I am thirteen weeks through my sixteen week prep. Wow! What a journey it’s been! I have learned so much about myself and about fitness these past few months. Time has gone by slow and fast at the same time. I wanted to take some time to reflect on my prep so far and get my thoughts out about what I am currently feeling. I am not much of a “dear diary” type of girl so this should be interesting.

I am so excited about the progress I have made so far! I never thought I was capable of achieving a toned body in such a short period of time. Proper nutrition makes all the difference. I have learned that I am capable of anything that I truly put my mind to. I am getting more and more excited/anxious every day that my competition gets closer! I am trying to find other things to think about so that I don’t drive myself crazy. Of course I would LOVE to place in my first competition. However, I am totally okay if I don’t. I know how far I have come and I have loved the process of bettering myself along the way.


My diet is no joke at this point. Cheat meals are now a thing of the past. I even had to give up my coffee creamer!!! Say WHAT??!!! I never thought I could stick to a diet plan like this. I am amazed that I have been consistent and stuck to my plan!

My energy level is up and down. Through most my prep, I was so energetic. I always felt pumped for the gym and ready to work! At about the 4 week mark, I started to drag a little bit. My energy started to drop, and now it’s up and down. I am trying not to let this get to me! Everyone told me that prep is not only a physical challenge, but a mental and emotional one too. I didn’t know what they meant until I hit 4 weeks out. My husband can attest to the fact that I am an emotional mess at times. One moment I am so excited and happy, the next I feel like crying and I’m not even sure why! All the emotions of being proud of yourself, then nervous about competing, then sick and tired of all the clean eating, it all catches up with you at times. When you’re on prep, you can’t turn to food or alcohol to make you feel better. You have to find other ways to deal with emotions and stress. This is a great lesson to learn! My new favorite ways of dealing with stress during prep: talking it out with my husband, playing with my puppies, the gym (duh), & bubble baths!!!


If you are a first time competitor and want to ease some of the stress that comes along with competing, I recommend purchasing AmandaLouise’ Competition Countdown. I know this was a huge stress reliever for me. Competitors focus so much on the diet and training, but there is so much other stuff you have to think about! This book steps you through purchasing your suit, booking your tan and makeup, budgeting, and so much more! A true stress reliever! Click the link below to purchase your own Competition Countdown!

As I said, my emotions are all over the place right now. I am so lucky to have a patient husband who supports me through my “crazy moments.” Today, I am feeling good! I pick up my custom designed suit next week and I am soooo excited for that!

Keep comping back to my blog if you’re interested in reading about competing! I am planning to blog about how to know if you are ready to compete, budgeting for a competition, and more updates on my own prep!







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