Staying On Track While Traveling

Traveling is something my husband and I LOVE to do! We are fortunate enough to have flexible jobs that allow us time to get away. We just got back from Minnesota where we visited some friends and family. I was a little nervous about traveling while on prep for a show! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick to my diet plan or find time to work out while I was there. It definitely was more difficult than it is at home, but it is possible. I was able to find time to work out every morning and for the most part, I stuck to my eating plan.


Here are a few traveling tips to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals while you are away from home:

  1. Grocery Shop. When you get to your destination, make a quick run to a grocery store. Pick up some fresh fruits, veggies, and meats to have on hand. Preferably, buy food that doesn’t require much prep work. For example, I bought all vegetables that I could eat raw so I wouldn’t have to spend time cooking them. At Costco, I bought pre-cooked chicken so I didn’t even have to cook my meat! Thank you COSTCO!! Since I am on prep, I even packed food to eat on the plane! I was that crazy girl eating cold chicken, rice cakes and cucumbers on the airplane.IMG_3049
  2. Realize that it is okay to eat at restaurants. While you are traveling, it’s not realistic to think you are going to eat every meal at a home or hotel. Don’t get anxiety over it! It’s okay to eat out while on a diet or prep! There are ways to do it in a healthy way. I ate out almost every day and still stuck to my plan. Most restaurants will cook fish or chicken for you without any extras. You can get salads with dressing on the side. There are so many options! I actually learned how to order at restaurants to where I am still enjoying my food and sticking to my plan! Salmon with brown rice and a side of veggies was my go to dinner while traveling. Most restaurants will customize your order.
  3. Plan to work out! Working out while on vacation does not have to take up a lot of time. There are so many work out videos you can find for free online that you can do in a hotel or at home. I went to the gym every day because there was an LA Fitness close to where we were staying. A gym is great, but you can also do a quick work out at home. Equipment is not necessary for a great work out! You can also plan some fun activities with family or friends that get you all physically active!
  4. Enjoy Yourself. Give yourself a little slack. Enjoy eating out and having some treats while you are traveling. It’s important to be healthy but it’s also important to enjoy yourself and find a balance 🙂 Cheat meals help to keep me sane and motivate me to get right back on track the next day! I may have enjoyed a burger, fries, and chocolate cake!IMG_2881
  5. Pack a large water bottle! Bring a large water container with you on vacation that you can fill every day and bring with you. You will drink much more water if you don’t have to stop to buy a bottle every time you get thirsty. Staying hydrated will keep you feeling better and help you feel more full!


Plan vacations and trips that allow you to stay healthy but don’t obsess over food and exercise! Make sure you enjoy yourself and your time with loved ones! If you have any other traveling tips comment below!

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